You know, I remember you


I know, I’m a lot aggressive,

I know, I’m not that much smart like you,

I know, I give up to the things very easily,

I know, I’ll get angry on such a small thing,

I know, I’ll be so protective about you,

I know, I’ll never love you in comparison to your love for me,

I know, sometime I’m so mad that you’re not able to handle me,

But the thing I know about me or our love is that, that my love for you is endless. Not a single one in my life whom I ever love more than you. I never say you, I never express it, I never told to anyone about my love for you but I truly tell you with all of my heart that

I’m alive to feel our love.

I know, I doubt you a lot,

I know, I fight you every time,

I know, I’m not able to share you with anyone,

I know, I am not able to see any girl close to you,

But I swear Today I’m nothing without you. Even I don’t have so much words to tell you about our love. You are my soul. When you are close to me, you gives me the strength to fight this world for you and our love. I never tell you that I will die for you but I’ll do all possible things to be with you.

You are my favorite reason to live.



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