The insight


If you are talking about inter-caste marriages, then you are doing a crime in Indian society. Inter-caste marriage means you are a person creating a havoc and they have many tantrums ready for you. From the beginning till the end of schooling, everyone teaches you about pluralism and beauty regardless religious bigotry. They are atrociously imitating people. There are only a handful of people in India who keep there children’s happiness first before such things. That’s how India has evolved from the times of Gandhi and Nehru till now. Success is measured by the money one makes while one’s ethics don’t matter. Education is imparted only as a societal norm, and no importance is given to the ethics.
Once I met a beautiful girl, and have been friends for the last 6 years. For the last 6 years ,we share everything from lab experiments to discussions about boys. A boy named Ashwin, always said to her, “If I’ll marry ever, I’ll marry you only”. She denied every time. From second year of PhD to the time of its submission the same continued. Her family met many Gujarati guys as a suit for her. Some she didn’t like and some were rejected by her family. Everyone were feeling hassled and she continuously insisted them to give her more time as she wasn’t ready for the marriage yet. A day when she went to meet a guy with her family, she fainted there. Everyone was shocked. And from that day her symptoms got more prominent. She used to visit doctor every week who diagnosed her with migraine. But the symptoms got more worse with time, and one day when she fainted in the lab . Ashwin took her to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with brain tumor. The horrible day it was. The silence of Storm started aching in everyone’s heart. No one had the courage to come out from this silence. Her parents felt the pain of inaudible voice with maximum audacity. Doctors gave their statement ” if anything happened in between operation , we are not responsible “. Her father signed the agreement to take the risk. Ashwin calmed her mother. As the doctor shut the door of operation theater, the red lights blinked up. A drop of tear fell from his eyes and how he calmed everyone was beyond words. Her father amazed when he accepted their bald girl to be his wife. And then he stepped forward to accept him as a perfect son in law.
The son in law from unknown state unknown caste but what is known to them is more than enough to give her precious daughter someone’s beautiful hands.