You Know, I remember you

A Letter For My Someone Special

As I’m writing this letter today, I have a million thoughts running through my mind. This letter is meant to be a testament to the love I feel for you -a love that is honestly hard to put into words because it is a love that can only be felt. Do you know how much you mean to me? You are the reason I wake up in the morning -you are the one person that can put a smile on my face. You are the reason I am able to lay in bed and fall asleep peacefully. Looking at it, I realize your love has done so much for me in my life- you have offered me new opportunities that no other person would be able to offer me. I love you so much -more that words will ever be able to express.

When I first saw you, you was sitting in the middle of some people, laughing. There was just something about you that I couldn’t quite place my finger on. Maybe it was the way you laughed or that sparkle in your eyes. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I was attracted to you and have never been attracted to another man in this way. When I started to talk up to you, I hesitated a bit, because I thought I may be out of your league -here I was a broken girl and there you were, a boy full of life. Do you get what I’m saying? I swear though, when I first talked to you, my heart skipped a beat. Now that we are together, I see that you and I truly were mean to be.

When you walked into my life, the sunshine walked in with you. I cannot thank you enough for doing everything you have done for you. I can repay you by offering my love unconditionally and whole heartedly. You are my dream come true -you are the love of my life.

As you lay next to me in bed sleeping, I lay there and wonder what I did to get so lucky in my life. You are the one that has reached out and showed me the true meaning of what it feels like to be in peace. There is no other person in this world that could have done that for me now. Now that I know you are the one, I want to offer you all of the happiness the world could possibly give.


Happy Birthday

The Birthday Wish


It’s my best friend’s birthday.

I searched many gifts online and got hopeless, then I decided to do something beautiful for you as beautiful as your soul.

I used to  remember the day when I met you first. The person who matches my  craziness , who is fond of idiotic things.

I used to remember how I judged you in my mind and talked with you the days and nights.

I used to remember the days when our crushes changed within a minute or a sec. and made jokes on them.

I used to remember the days when our sweet relationships teased us like a wagon of pain.

I used to remember the exam days when we discussed the silliest things and wake up nights to complete the course.

I used to remember our travel memes.

I used to  remember our idiotic plans to superb ideas.

I used to remember when I told you my problems and you understand all of them in a minute.

I know , I’m hard to handle. But you are doing this so well, I have no words to express my feelings.

I used to remember when I got weak emotionally and you managed me so nicely.

So blessed to have a best friend like you.

Wish you have enough.


I know, I’m a lot aggressive,

I know, I’m not that much smart like you,

I know, I give up to the things very easily,

I know, I’ll get angry on such a small thing,

I know, I’ll be so protective about you,

I know, I’ll never love you in comparison to your love for me,

I know, sometime I’m so mad that you’re not able to handle me,

But the thing I know about me or our love is that, that my love for you is endless. Not a single one in my life whom I ever love more than you. I never say you, I never express it, I never told to anyone about my love for you but I truly tell you with all of my heart that I’m alive to feel our love.

I know, I doubt you a lot,

I know, I fight you every time,

I know, I’m not able to share you with anyone,

I know, I am not able to see any girl close to you,

But I swear Today I’m nothing without you. Even I don’t have so much words to tell you about our love. You are my soul. When you are close to me, you gives me the strength to fight this world for you and our love. I never tell you that I will die for you but I’ll do all possible things to be with you.

You are my favorite reason to live.

The halt

The insight

If you are talking about inter-caste marriages, then you are doing a crime in Indian society. Inter-caste marriage means you are a person creating a havoc and they have many tantrums ready for you. From the beginning till the end of schooling, everyone teaches you about pluralism and beauty regardless religious bigotry. They are atrociously imitating people. There are only a handful of people in India who keep there children’s happiness first before such things. That’s how India has evolved from the times of Gandhi and Nehru till now. Success is measured by the money one makes while one’s ethics don’t matter. Education is imparted only as a societal norm, and no importance is given to the ethics.
Once I met a beautiful girl, and have been friends for the last 6 years. For the last 6 years ,we share everything from lab experiments to discussions about boys. A boy named Ashwin, always said to her, “If I’ll marry ever, I’ll marry you only”. She denied every time. From second year of PhD to the time of its submission the same continued. Her family met many Gujarati guys as a suit for her. Some she didn’t like and some were rejected by her family. Everyone were feeling hassled and she continuously insisted them to give her more time as she wasn’t ready for the marriage yet. A day when she went to meet a guy with her family, she fainted there. Everyone was shocked. And from that day her symptoms got more prominent. She used to visit doctor every week who diagnosed her with migraine. But the symptoms got more worse with time, and one day when she fainted in the lab . Ashwin took her to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with brain tumor. The horrible day it was. The silence of Storm started aching in everyone’s heart. No one had the courage to come out from this silence. Her parents felt the pain of inaudible voice with maximum audacity. Doctors gave their statement ” if anything happened in between operation , we are not responsible “. Her father signed the agreement to take the risk. Ashwin calmed her mother. As the doctor shut the door of operation theater, the red lights blinked up. A drop of tear fell from his eyes and how he calmed everyone was beyond words. Her father amazed when he accepted their bald girl to be his wife. And then he stepped forward to accept him as a perfect son in law.
The son in law from unknown state unknown caste but what is known to them is more than enough to give her precious daughter someone’s beautiful hands.


Gratified beauty of nature

Its the sunset time here, where the parting sun has painted the sky orange in its departure, the birds are perching on the trees where the rustling sound on the trees is filling in as nature’s sound track. And then there am I, seeping my cup of tea which regrettably has too much sugar in it but nature’s pleasurable company balances off everything just perfect.

Fingers crossed

It is the story of a stupid girl and a big hearted boy who lost his heart in a car accident of his ex-fiancee and didn’t want to replace his feelings for her. The girl was carelessly selfish and never wanted anyone to interrupt or interfere in her life. She loves her passion, her career , her aims and her wishes. She never allowed anyone to question her passion. She is her own favourite and he is his favorite actor. It was 23rd June 2015 the first time he saw her and crossed his fingers to make his wish come true and the wish was  to make this girl his best half. After a long time someone finally won his heart and the story started like this.













And day by day their story refined and became more and more beautiful.







23rd June 2017
The girl who doesn’t want anyone in her life. Today she started loving the boy and now she crossed her fingers to make wish. The wish is to marry him, get old with him.
……….Fingers   crossed……………