Winds of Solitude

His ears and the telephone rings,
No street lights and the monsoon winds,
In vain are his efforts for a candle this night,
Fallen are the trees on the doors,
The darkness in the house amidst thunder roars.
When the fate desires to change tonight,
And wants to usher the blues of his life,
But fails,
And the darkness spread,
Tears rolled down,
When he coveted someone to take his solitude out.
He was broken, scared
And he was alone,
When people walk away by his doors,
All he desired was a friend,
Did he ask for too much?
His hope and the opened doors,
No one came but wind,
The tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat,
How he can calm his heart no one knows.
He sings, he cries
Tears roll down
And he resolved to savor this melancholic life,
And the monsoon winds accompanied this night.

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