The blowing candle

Does this blowing light of candles re-unites you again?
Does these crazy days and the forlorn nights makes you the whole?
Does everything in your life is really alright?

I am not your bestfriend to complete you.
But I am a ray of light to enlighten your life.
I am not your partner to heal you.
But believe me like a brave lord.

You never believe that life is beautiful and bright.
Everything I want, I cannot write.
The world is full of demons.
You see everything grey and light.

Whichever the way you cross, you find me at your soul’s sight.

I want to be the smoothness between your frightened heart and your complicated mind.
I want to be the story of happiness and the fights of forlorn nights.
I want to gift you the life you are searching for.
I want to be the candle which you are blowing this night.

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